What is Yoga Therapy?yoga-therapy

Yoga therapy empowers and supports individuals to manage their health by applying the principles of Yoga and its practices safely within a professional therapeutic relationship. The tools used include asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), relaxation, meditation, lifestyle counselling and dietary advice. It assesses the whole individual, rather than just focusing on the condition.


How is Yoga Therapy delivered?

This is a point of difference between Yoga and Yoga therapy. Yoga therapy is most commonly provided by way of an individualised consultation and programme. In some circumstances it is provided in group or class settings but typically these class situations are small and will contain a commonality of conditions.

In order to qualify a Yoga teacher must have undertaken a minimum 2 year Yoga Diploma Therapy course. The training includes the fundamentals of modern medicine alongside the application of yogic principles in the treatment of medical conditions.



Yoga therapy helps individuals move from illness and dis-ease towards enhanced health and greater states of well-being. A therapist has extensive knowledge across a broad range of practices and can design a programme which targets your individual needs. If you are seeking to address a particular condition or a long-standing illness then Yoga therapy is more direct.

Yoga therapy is completely safe to prescribe in conjunction with ongoing treatments or medication.

As it begins to integrate into mainstream healthcare Yoga Therapy is being recognised as an effective, safe and accessible intervention. Medical research also provides increasing evidence that it is effective.